Amy Poehler's "Baby" Jacket Is Amazing

Leave it to this funny lady to shake up awards show fashion in the best way possible. Amy Poehler attended the 2016 MTV Movie Awards wearing the coolest jacket ever. Normally when you think "red carpet" you picture glamorous gowns, diamond jewelry, and sleek suits — or at the very least something wild that most Normals would never be caught wearing outside of a Halloween party. But Poehler's outfit is actually pretty average — until you see the back of her jacket, that is! So, who designed Poehler's "Baby" jacket? The piece has a really cool backstory.

Poehler rocked a fairly innocuous Mickey Mouse t-shirt with black pants and sneakers, topped off with a two-toned bomber jacket that is business in the front, big party in the back. When she hit the stage to accept her award for Best Virtual Performance, you could suddenly see that the entire back of the piece was covered in pink sequins and emblazoned with the word "Baby." She looked adorable, comfy, and so chic, especially with the addition of a long tasseled necklace and midnight blue box clutch. Even at a relatively chill awards ceremony like this one her look was a refreshing change of pace, but that topper absolutely stole the show.

Normally Poehler opts for a very refined gowns or pantsuits on the red carpet, but the MTV Movie Awards definitely have a different vibe than, say, the Oscars. This look is perfect. Bet you're about ready to see it now, eh?

Even from the front it is so, so good.

In the clip above you can see her standing to take the stage, allowing the jacket to shine in all its glory. If you're wondering where you can get one exactly like it as soon has humanly possible, well, you're not alone. A few eagle-eyed viewers on Twitter pointed out that the "Baby" bomber is actually the same jacket singer Troye Sivan wore to perform on Jimmy Fallon's show awhile back.

So, who designed it? According to Vogue, the piece is part of a collaboration between artist Lucia Santina Ribisi and the label Yves Saint Laurent. “It was about six months after I made the Baby painting that I woke up to a text from Hedi Slimane that said, ‘Hi, I’m interested in seeing some of your artwork, if you could please send me some images. Possible collaboration with SL xx Hedi.’ I of course knew who it was, and I was so excited,” Ribisi told the publication.

Saint Laurent "BABY" Teddy Jacket, $7,765,

The more you know, right? Now my life officially won't be complete until I can, too, can rock a sequined "Baby" bomber.

Image: YSL