Will Smith's Movie Awards Squad Wasn't Complete

When he took the stage to bring home the most celebrated award of the night, Will Smith accepted the MTV Movie Awards' Generational Award with most of his family by his side. But where was Jada Pinkett Smith during the MTV Movie Awards, which were pre-taped on Saturday night? Well, she didn't attend the show, but Will was still surrounded by plenty of family, including fellow movie star son, Jaden Smith. Will and Jada have been married since 1997, so no need to worry about the fact that she wasn't by his side — as a working actor, she has plenty events of her own to attend. Personally, I'm holding out hope that somehow she's filming an episode of Gotham, even though her character Fish Mooney was killed off of the show in the Season 1 finale.

Will & Jada's daughter, Willow, also didn't make it to the MTV Movie Awards. She spent her weekend doing exactly what you should do when you have no responsibilities: marathoning Buffy the Vampire Slayer and reminiscing about the previous night's party. Honestly, as fun as the Movie Awards seem, I can't blame Willow (and Jada) for staying home this weekend.

Anyhow, even though the two female members of the Pinkett-Smith family did not make it into the MTV Movie Awards' audience, that doesn't mean Jada Pinkett Smith sees Will Smith as anything less than the icon of his generation. I'm sure we'll see this power couple together again soon.