You Need To See Jaden Smith's Dance Moves

Move over, Taylor Swift. There's someone new stealing the spotlight during award shows with killer dance moves. While the focus was on movie stars, Jaden Smith's dancing at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards deserves a trophy of its own. He was there with his dad, Will Smith, who's winning the MTV Generation Award, for his 20+ years in the entertainment industry. Of course, that's a major honor, but it's entirely possible that Jaden was the night's true star — at least in my book.

On Saturday night, when the show was filmed, videos of the 17-year-old dancing began surfacing and there's no denying he's got some serious moves. It's definitely reminiscent of how T. Swift always gets attention for her awkwardly awesome dancing. Her moves are like an art form and the same can be said for Jaden. In fact, I would love to see these two seated side-by-side at every award show from this point forward.

The MTV Movie Awards air on Sunday, April 10 and I'm totally keeping my eyes on Jaden. It's bound to be the most entertaining part of the whole evening. Don't believe me? Here are a few videos to help prove my point. Plus, I've decided to analyze each smooth move.

Move #1

This looks like what happens if you're at the grocery store and want to bust a move, but your hands are full. Because you're feeling the music so much, you dance anyway.

Another possibility is that he decided to use his iPhone and beverage bottle as impromptu weights to fit in a workout at the Movie Awards. Whatever works.

Move #2

Remember that song "Cha-Cha Slide"? It looks like he's doing the "now sliiiiide to the right" part. This could also be a perfect maneuver when you're walking down a sidewalk and someone's too close, so you have to quickly scoot to the side.

Move #3

According to Twitter, he got in a dance battle with Lido, a Norwegian hip-hop artist. I'd like to dub this move a modern version of "the robot." His arm movement is very mechanic, yet intentionally so.

Considering Jaden is the son of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, it makes sense that he has some sweet dance moves. But maybe he was taught by Uncle Carlton, not Will himself.

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