Halle Berry's Tribute To Will Smith Was Inspiring

The MTV Movie awards are usually more about celebration than inspiration, but the Generation Award at this year's show delivered both. Halle Berry called Will Smith a "champion for diversity" at the MTV Movie Awards when she and Queen Latifah presented the star with the trophy. Smith, she said, is "blazing a path for actors by showing that someone of any color can play any role, and can open any movie, and can win every award, and be the biggest freaking movie star in the whole world." For a long time, Smith was definitely the biggest movie star on the planet. He's a legendary performer who through music, television, and film has paved the way for others like him. His career is an inspiration to everyone.

Plus, Smith's name came up a lot this award's season when he (along with any and all performances by people of color) was not nominated for an Academy Award for Concussion. So, it's especially meaningful that the MTV Movie Awards honored him this year. Berry's words are a reminder that we can do better because we have before.

"We love every single thing about you, Will Smith," she also said. "With every performance, you see his soul."

When he took the stage to accept his Generation Award, Smith had some inspiring words of his own. "I’m dedicated to being a light in this world," he said. "I want to help people. I want to be a light. I want to play roles that have dignity. There’s so much suffering in this world, and I just want you to know I am dedicated ‘til I die to light and to love."