The Greatest John Oliver GIFs

Each week, John Oliver entertains viewers of Last Week Tonight with his charismatic wit and hilarity. Fans of political and cultural humor are fortunate to have a guy like Mr. Oliver around for their every news-oriented whim. Whether he's pranking the New York Yankees, covering the "lamestream" media, or unraveling conspiracy theories, Sunday night is simply not the same without a little John Oliver humor to absorb for purposes of recapturing the moment in the workplace at some point later in the week — whether in the form of YouTube clips, full episodes, or even animated GIFs of Oliver's antics.

That's right, there are most certainly GIFs. People take time out of their busy schedules to memorialize Mr. Oliver's finest moments in the sacred Internet GIF shrines — even though these very moments are pretty much widely available on YouTube or Last Week Tonight's website. That is commendable devotion that only derives from a source as holy as a talk show host. So sit back and enjoy the eye feast that is about to occur on the screen of this very computer monitor. It won't disappoint!

For one, the man clearly enjoys a good free-form dance-off (with an amphibian astronaut and other animal friends).

He's also not afraid to instill the fear of a higher power into viewers.

Nobody can forget that time he was owned by Stephen Hawking.

Gay pride violent flag-waving for days!

A Trojan... unicorn?

Oh, it's just Donald Trump's old family name in flashing lights.

He is very passionate about Iron Man.

He also feels strongly about Mitch McConnell.

He loves a good filter.

And, of course, using Muppets to teach people about incarceration.

He's from the United Kingdom, so he loves his tea.

...But most of all, he loves to have a proper laugh.

Who know what he'll bring to the table on the next episode. No matter what, it's sure to bring some solid, wholesome, old-fashioned laughter.