Why Wasn't 'Gilmore Girls' In Melissa McCarthy's MTV Montage? The Comedic Genius Award Had A Different Focus

The MTV Movie Awards rightly chose to honor comedy superstar Melissa McCarthy as their Comedic Genius for 2016. But some of Melissa's biggest fans might be wondering: what the heck?! Why wasn't Gilmore Girls included in the MTV Movie Awards montage of McCarthy's best and funniest work? I mean, the show included a moment from Life As We Know It, but no Sookie St. James?! Well, don't get too upset, since there's a good reason for that omission: the Movie Awards were simply sticking to their name, and therefore focused on McCarthy's best work in film, instead of on television.

I mean, of course, if you were building a collection of McCarthy's best/funniest moments in any format, you'd have to include some moments from Gilmore Girls — and you'd certainly want to put some clips of her on Saturday Night Live, or even something from her Emmy-winning performance on Mike & Molly. But regardless of the show's absence in the montage, McCarthy's best moments as Sookie will always hold a special place in all Gilmore Girls fans' hearts. And now all the fans can look forward to seeing McCarthy in the Gilmore Girls Netflix revival, something that just a few months ago seemed impossible. So soon, there will be even more hilarious Sookie moments to enjoy.

But even when you eliminate all of McCarthy's am-a-zing TV work, there's still a lot to love in the montage MTV put together. Bridesmaids, Spy, and The Heat alone are enough to brand Melissa McCarthy a true Comedic Genius — her brilliance as Sookie St. James is just icing on the cake.