Katie Ended Her Engagement Before 'RHOP's Reunion

The ladies of The Real Housewives Of Potomac definitely started off their leg of the Housewives franchise with a big old bang. Their season was filled with drama and their reunion was more of the same. Not even 10 minutes into the first part of their reunion special and we found out that Katie returned her engagement ring to her boyfriend, Andrew, the day before she arrived to film the special. Talk about a bomb drop. She seemed so eager to get married, I don't think anyone saw this one coming at all.

It was in the finale that we first saw Katie happily announce that she and Andrew were engaged. It seems like we just saw her excitedly show off the ring to the rest of the ladies and now we are suddenly hearing that she returned it on her way to the reunion. This was some seriously surprising news to viewers who have been following Katie and Andrew as a couple all season long. They appeared to be very in love, so the dissolution of their relationship was a real shocker.

She seemed to be very emotional about the whole ordeal, understandably. In the beginning of the reunion special, she danced around answering whether they were still together or not. Ashley asked her point blank whether they were still together and Katie just responded by reiterating that she had returned the ring and ended the engagement. It seems like next week she will get further into what the real situation is behind their split. Next week's preview reveals that Andrew was actually supposed to be on the reunion and obviously is absent.

The whole issue brought force a question to the masses. Do you give back the ring? As much as Karen preaches etiquette, she said that she would keep the ring if she ended an engagement. There seemed to be conflicting ideologies about the subject, but the fact remains that Katie did return her ring, so it seems like she and Andrew are done — at least for now.

Images: Larry French/Bravo