Robyn Called For Security On 'The Real Housewives Of Potomac' Reunion & The Ladies Need To Call A Truce

Reunions on Bravo are one of the greatest gifts that has ever been given to humanity. That's just a fact. The reunion for The Real Housewives Of Potomac promised to deliver some amazing drama, and it definitely came through on that promise. Part one of The Real Housewives reunion actually got seriously heated towards the end of the show. The topic of race and racial identity came up and all hell broke lose between Katie and Robyn. The entire situation got so heated that Robyn threatened the need for security. You know that it's a great reunion special when security has to be mentioned at some point. These ladies are not disappointing so far.

Of course, the topic of race can be a combative one if it is not breached correctly and with the appropriate amount of sensitivity. I don't think that it was discussed with the gentility that was necessary tonight during the reunion. It was already uncomfortable when Katie was vilified by Robyn and Gizelle during the season for mistaking Robyn for being biracial at Charrisse's 50th birthday party. It didn't seem like something that deserved a hostile response, but that's exactly what it got. It was of course brought up during the reunion and the wound seemed to be even fresher than it was during the season.

The blows seemed to become personal when Gizelle and Robyn aggressively questioned whether Katie was proud of her black ancestry or not. Katie obviously and understandably became upset and called Gizelle and Robyn, "dumb and dumber." That seemed to set Robyn on a path to rageville because she lost it. When Katie reiterated that Robyn was coming off offended at being labeled biracial, Robyn became even more upset.

Things took an even more uncomfortable turn when Robyn stated that security needed to be called. I did chuckle a little bit when Katie responded by asking, "Or what? What are you gonna do?" But, from the look of part two of the reunion next week, it doesn't look like Robyn appreciated her inquisitive nature at all.

I think these ladies need to stop questioning each other's personal identities and worry about their own business. Some things just aren't appropriate for public discussion and should really be kept to the people they are concerning. Then again reality television is made for these types of conversations. Hopefully part two of the reunion brings these ladies some kind of truce on the subject, though, or a possible Season 2 will be even more tense.

Images: Larry French/ Bravo