Here's What's In Kylie's Coachella Collection

Let’s just christen it "Koachella" already. Why? Because Kylie Jenner is launching a Coachella Collection of her Kylie Cosmetics collection! Coachella is one of the biggest music festivals in California, Jenner is the quintessential Cali girl, and festival looks, both fashion and beauty, are major at retail and on social media. So a Coachella collection makes so much sense, especially since the event is coming up on the weekends of April 15 and April 22. So what, exactly, is the Kylie Cosmetics Coachella Collection and what's in it? Is it new products for different features? Or is it still lip focused? Is it new Lip Kit colors? New Kylie Glosses?

Actually, it appears that the collection will be comprised of her brand new Metal Mattes, which are lipsticks that look like an extension of her Kylie Lip Kits.

A quick history lesson is required to fully process the info. Up until very recently, Jenner's cosmetics brand has been all about new shades of the rich, matte Lip Kits. Then she hit us with the megawatt Kylie Glosses. Every single restock sells out. Besides replenishments and new shades, Jenner is already launching another new product.

So, yeah, the Coachella collection looks to include the just-announced Matte Metals, which are matte lipsticks with a metallic finish.

There are three new shades: Heir (rose gold), King K (molten gold), and Reign (blush x brown).

Here is the post confirming a Coachella collection and the new Metal Mattes (or Matte Metals). As usual, Jenner took to her personal Instagram feed to tease the new Coachella colors and to confirm that they will be here soon.

Not exactly off topic but I'd like to point out that I predicted she would do something like this. I suggested a metallic version of the KLKs last month, so let me have my moment of victory and to say "Called It!"

There were also social media teases, featuring shade swatches and the packaging, on the Kylie Cosmetics official Insta.

The Metal Mattes have a chrome-like look. They are also very "look at me," just like the KLKs and the LGs. The lipsticks have strong, masculine names, too. Notice they are called "Metal Matte Lipsticks" and the word "Lip Kit" is not included on the packaging. Does that mean that these technically aren't metallic versions of the Lip Kits but their own sister product, like the Kylie Glosses? We'll have to wait to find out of if the Metal Mattes include a lip liner and how they are officially categorized when they go on sale.

The brand also shared a snap of her big sister Khloe Kardashian, who had a Lip Kit named after her with the pretty pink Koko K, rocking Heir.

So. Many. Swatches.

With Coachella coming up quick, expect the Matte Metals to drop ASAP. Time is ticking and festival-going lovelies need to get their lips festival-ready. Keep checking the Kylie Cosmetics IG and Kylie Jenner's app. As of press time, the on-sale is TBD.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (4); Kylie Jenner/Instagram (1)