Who Or What Inspired Kylie's Metal Matte Names?

Lips "reign" supreme in Kylie Jenner's world. Her Kylie Cosmetics brand just announced the Metal Matte x Coachella shades. They are what their name says they are — matte lipsticks with a high-impact, metallic finish. There is no shortage of new and fun lip trends in 2016, from matte dominance to the gloss resurgence to metallic finishes to ombre shades to using eyeshadow in lip looks, which I've seen on the Kat Von D Beauty Instagram. The pout is the most fun feature to decorate, thanks to all this lip love. Jenner is continuing to set the bar high with her pucker products. She is launching the three new shades in a new texture as part of her Coachella Collection.

Since the Coachella music festival in California happens over multiple weekends just once a year, this particular color range could be seriously limited edition or they could be permanent shades, all the while introducing a new/updated product category. These are the three new Kylie Cosmetics lipstick shades: Heir (rose gold), King K (molten gold), and Reign (blush wine). What do the Metal Matte names mean?

Strong words with traditionally masculine connotations are attached to these metallic, somewhat gem-like shades. They could have many meanings. Here are my interpretations of each Metal Matte lipstick name.

Heir is a rosy, 24-karat color. TBH, the meaning of this name feels the most elusive to me. Personally, I think it's a broad statement where Jenner is staking her claim. Is Jenner pretty much saying that she is the heir to the Kardashian throne? Sorry, not sorry, Kim Kardashian West and Khloe Kardashian. Your youngest sister is the biggest style influencer in your fam in 2016. Koko looks like a gilded goddess in Heir, though!

King K, which is on the right in this video, could be totally self-referential, since she is King Kylie, after all. I love that she twisted the gender connotation there because girls can be kings. Her BF Tyga also has a son with Blac Chyna who is named King. Perhaps Jenner honored him with a little lip product naming action.

What about the blush x wine color known as Reign, which is on the left? Well, "Reign" is the name of one of her nephews; his mom is her eldest sister Kourtney Kardashian, who had the deep purple Kourt K Lip Kit named after her.

So here is my combined theory. Jenner wanted to keep the names young. King and Reign are boys who are heirs to pop culture thrones. How about that?

I'd also like to take a second point out that I predicted Jenner would do a metallic version of lipstick last month. So let me have my victory when I say "Called It!"

Now, let's all prep for the on-sale of the Metal Mattes, which appear to be quite a sister of the Lip Kits and Kylie Glosses. Are they actual Lip Kits, though? I guess we'll have to see the official name and categorization, and if they come packaged with liners like KLKs, when they go on sale.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (2); Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (2)