Mariah Carey's New Single "You're Mine" Is "We Belong Together" 2.0 — LISTEN

The big day has finally arrived for Mariah Carey fans. Carey released a two-minute video teaser about her new single, "You're Mine," with a sweet candy heart Valentine's Day-themed Instagram photo along with it on Monday, and has now proved to the world that her voice and appeal are still absolutely flawless. On Wednesday, Mariah Carey released "You're Mine," which is the newest single from her upcoming 14th album, The Art of Letting Go , which will be released on May 6. Fourteenth? Holy Moses. This woman is incredible.

The song premiered on Elvis Duran's Z100 morning show, where the singer showed up in a sexy pink satin gown and black elbow-length gloves, natch. She's Mariah. And this deserves fanfare. "You're Mine" is a classic, slinky, sexy Mariah ballad with soft beats and is kind of reminiscent of "We Belong Together." In short, her fans will love it. With lyrics like, "I can't seem to live without your love, suffocating here by myself, dying for your touch," it's perfect for any kind of Valentine's Day mood, really.

Mariah also tweeted a new candy heart Valentine's Day-inspired picture with lyrics to the song to her fans:

You can listen to Mariah Carey sing "You're Mine" below:

Image: Getty Images