Those 'Suicide Squad' Reshoot Rumors Were Off

DC Comics fans have nothing to fear. In the wake of production resuming for the highly-anticipated super villain-focused film, Suicide Squad, rumors immediately swirled around the idea that Warner Brothers was reshooting Suicide Squad to add more of a comedic tone to the film. With the huge success of Marvel's Deadpool, the amount of laughable moments in Suicide Squad could be what makes the film stand out in the eyes of movie goers and critics. But director David Ayer is setting the record straight. Instead of further production on the film being a call for more laughs, it's a call for more action. So, basically, the Suicide Squad reshoots are not taking place so DC Entertainment can compete with Marvel. They're taking place so that the film can be as action-packed as fans want.

Director David Ayer turned to Twitter Monday morning to confirm that the reshoots have been put into place to benefit the overall action and excitement of the film. Suicide Squad actor, Jai Courtney, also revealed his own commentary on the reshoots during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, saying, "I think there’s plenty of [humor] in it. I wouldn’t say we’re going back to make it funnier. There’s some additional action stuff that we’ve been doing, which is pretty dope. Really we’re just kind of adding in that sense."

So, if not strictly comedic, what kind of a tone can fans expect from the upcoming movie Suicide Squad? In comparison with the feel of Batman V Superman, I'm thinking that this film will continue the dark, true-to-the-comics (and even the cartoons) feeling that Dawn of Justice had. However, since Suicide Squad is a film starring characters as freakishly messed up as The Joker and Harley Quinn, the comedy that is there will be less cheesy and straight-forward, and more twisted and meshed in with the rest of the film. While Marvel aims for belly laughs with its bromance between Captain America and Iron Man, DC Comics seems to be placing it's comedy in a darker, more sophisticated light — while still remaining PG-13.

What we do know so far about the amount of comedy versus action in Suicide Squad so far is what we have seen in the trailers. And, in the latest trailer for the film, it's easy to see that the overall tone of the film rests entirely in the hands of the dangerous and madcap characters. These super-villains are out to cause mayhem, and, if that brings a laugh, then so be it.

Images: Warner Bros./DC Entertainment