Channel Your Inner Lisa Vanderpump On Vacation

by Marenah Dobin

It really seems like Lisa Vanderpump is living the best life possible. In fact, being Lisa Vanderpump is so great that in addition to her starring role on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Bravo even made a second reality show for her called Vanderpump Rules to focus on her restaurants and staff. Not only is it amazing to be Lisa in everyday life, but it might be even more enjoyable to be LVP on vacation. Nobody travels the way she does. Sure, most of us can't afford her trips, but there are many ways to act like Lisa Vanderpump on vacation.

There is only one Lisa Vanderpump in the world, but she has so many signature moves that we can all channel our inner Lisa if we want to. If you dress like the 55-year-old reality star, bring your puppies along, and have a drink in your hand whenever possible, people might think that you are actually one of the Real Housewives during the next trip that you take.

It may seem like a tough task, but everyone can channel the mother of two while traveling. If you want to vacation like the one and only Lisa Vanderpump, here is what you need to do.

Bring Your Pets

There's no chance that Lisa would ever go away without her beloved pets. Her dogs have probably been on better vacations than I will ever be able to. If you have a cute pet of your own, bring him on your next trip.

Pack Some Pink Luggage

If you want to channel your inner Vanderpump, the color pink is the way to go. Putting your clothes in pick suitcases is a #TotalVanderpumpMove.

Fly On A Private Plane

With all of her luggage and furry companions, it makes perfect sense that Lisa travels on a private plane. You will feel just like a Vanderpump if you charter a private jet for your travels. (Or you could take a car — it still provides privary! — instead of a bus or train. Either way.)

Wear A Big Hat

You will look just like Lisa Vanderpump if you rock a big, floppy hat in a warm climate.

Order Some LVP Sangria

You can take the Lisa out of Beverly Hills, but you can't take the Beverly Hills out of Lisa. Even when she is away, she makes it a point to order her own brand of sangria. So if you see LVP Sangria on the menu, it is a must-order.

Dress To The Nines At All Times

If you want to feel like LVP, dress up whenever possible, even when you're boarding a long flight.

Take Part In Local Traditions

Of course LVP went all out for Mardi Gras in New Orleans. If you are in a new place during a holiday or a special event, you need to embody Lisa and participate.

Visit The Animals

All Bravoholics know that Lisa loves animals, so if you want to act like her, go visit a local zoo during your next vacation.

Invite Everyone You Know

Be like Lisa and have a "the more the merrier" attitude when it comes to inviting people to travel with you.

Visit The Beach

Visit the beach and take a lot of photos while there, and you could feel a little more like Lisa V.

Even if you aren't a reality star or a super rich businesswoman, you can still feel like Lisa Vanderpump no matter where you travel if you take these suggestions. People might even mistake you for one of the Real Housewives!