A New 'Gilmore Girls' Photo Could Spell Trouble

It can feel like every day brings with it new Gilmore Girls revival photos, and I'm not complaining. Honestly, it feels like we never really left Stars Hollow. With Sookie St. James back in the mix, Luke and Lorelai holding hands, and all of Rory's exes back in town, all is right in the world. But seeing everything look so perfect in the lovable Connecticut town actually makes me worry, because, in a town always full of chaos and drama, everything being so quant and perfect is just too good to be true. That's why I'm casting a critical eye on one newly released Gilmore Girls photo in particular. This coffee cup and junk food filled photo that Netflix released could possibly be hinting at drama in Lorelai Gilmore's life. And, if drama is the case, then it's definitely something that tons of coffee and junk food can't fix on its own.

First off, there's no denying the fact that both Lorelai and Rory need their morning coffee. Daily morning coffee trips to Luke's Diner and a constant flow of coffee following both Lorelai while she's working at the Inn, and Rory during her time at Yale, has always meant to fans the caffeinated beverage is more than just something to consume. The same goes for the Gilmores' regular eating habits. There are Chinese food cartons, Pop Tarts, and ice cream on the table as well, which really isn't a surprise here. Just looking at this still from the revival will give you the nostalgia feels before the worry sets in.

However, there's also a chance that this familiar sight might not be as familiar as we think. When it comes to wardrobe, it appears as if Rory just entered the scene. She has a nice outfit on that still looks very put together, and a jacket on the back of her chair, which indicates that she just stepped into the room to either tell Lorelai something or to try and resolve whatever problem her mother is going through. The sweets, snacks, and coffee cups surrounding Lorelai points at the idea that something is wrong, and the look on her face suggests she could be feeling Rory's encouraging words as they see each other for dinner that week.

What kind of drama could be going on in the Gilmore household? Personally, I have two ideas floating around in my mind: Things are going wrong at the Dragon Fly Inn or everything is not sunshine and rainbows in the Lorelai and Luke romance. I know that even thinking either of those is absolutely heartbreaking, but, unfortunately, they do seem possible. Lorelai's pajamas at dinner time could mean that she has been home all day trying to figure out work, especially as it appears as if there's papers in front of Lorelai as well. However, the scarier ramifications of this photo could also be true. Perhaps Luke and Lorelai got in a fight that makes her not want to go see him. Plus, it seems like there is no ring on Lorelai's finger. In light of this photo, this might not be a good sign unless that Gilmore Girls wedding belongs to Luke and Lorelai after all.

But, alas, there's no way for Gilmore Girls fans to really know what's going on just yet, so this is all hearsay. Gilmore Girls: Seasons will be premiering on Netflix later this year, and we'll have to try not to give ourselves heart palpitations in the meantime.

Images: Saeed Adyani/Netflix (3)