'Real Housewives Of Potomac' Star Katie Rost Got Her Engagement Ring Back, So What's Her Status Now?

During Sunday's Season 1 reunion for Bravo's Real Housewives of Potomac, Katie Rost announced she returned Andrew Martin's engagement ring. It was definitely shocking, especially since Katie's storyline heavily revolved around her talking about marriage and constantly asking Andrew when they would tie the knot. At the reunion, she said, "I actually returned my engagement ring yesterday on my way here." Then, her co-star Ashley Darby asked if they were still together to which Katie replied, "I gave the ring back. The engagement is off." It's unclear whether or not they are still together, but if you take a gander at Instagram, it sure looks like they are not only together, but engaged — again. In photos, Katie can be seen still wearing Andrew's engagement ring.

In one picture, posted five days ago on April 6, Katie looks happy and isn't afraid to show off that sparkly diamond. Alongside the photo, the caption reads: "Love my beautiful ring from Andrew #rhop morning #meditation #bubbleoflove." Hmm... well this is very curious, now isn't it?

To be clear, according to a post by Bravo's The Daily Dish, the RHOP reunion was filmed on March 18, which means it's been almost one month since Katie told Andy Cohen about ending her engagement.

Now, a lot can happen in that timespan, so maybe after the reunion they both had time to reflect and decided to get back together. In an interview Bravo shared Sunday with Katie after the first part of the reunion aired, she dished about her current status with Andrew.

"I was fresh from handing the engagement ring back to Andrew," she said. "Sitting on that stage without him somewhere in the wings giving me support was scary and looking down and not having my engagement ring of course made me very sad and made me emotional."

Katie then admitted that sometimes the only way relationships can heal and move forward is by making a change. She said,

I love Andrew and our relationship isn't perfect. Sometimes you have to step back in a relationship. I don't want to speed into marriage and have it not work out once again. He did give me the ring back once I got back from New York. He told me the ring represents his promise to always be there for me and the kids as he has in the past. I thought that was a lovely gesture.

So, not only do Katie and Andrew still love each other, but she is once again sporting the engagement ring. They also appear to moving slow when it comes to marriage, which definitely isn't a bad thing. That said, who knows if or when they will ever say "I do."

Whatever the case, I'm sure Katie could care less about the opinions of others. I mean, when has she ever let criticism get her down? Never.

Image: foreverthineforevermine/Tumblr