Is Ser Jorah Going To Die In 'GoT' Season 6?

The newest Game Of Thrones trailer released on Monday (thirteen days ahead of the premiere) promises death, destruction, and bloodshed for everyone in Westeros. Cersei is hungry for revenge, and for that matter, so is Sansa Stark. Tyrion Lannister comes face to face with Daenerys' dragons, and Arya Stark is running out of chances with Jaqen h'ghar (though she does get her eyesight back). And what the heck is up with Ser Jorah Mormont? He lifts up his sleeve to show off his new, stony skin. Does that mean Ser Jorah will die by the end of Season 6, solid as a rock? Unfortunately, it's almost a certainty.

The affliction taking over Khaleesi's faithful (but banned) Ser Jorah Mormont is called Greyscale. It's an extremely mysterious illness, even in the world of Game Of Thrones, and the only known survivor is a child (just like in Harry Potter!): Shireen, daughter of the now-deceased Stannis Baratheon. And sadly Shireen is dead too: in one of the saddest and most unnecessary deaths, Stannis is convinced by Melisandre to burn his daughter as a sacrifice, which didn't work out, leading to Melisandre fleeing to Castle Black.

So how did Ser Jorah get Greyscale? At the end of Season 4, Ser Jorah is banished by Daenerys after she learns that he had betrayed her and in her own words, sold her secrets to King Robert. He captures Tyrion at the beginning of Season 5, seeing it as his ticket to earning the forgiveness of his beloved Khaleesi by taking the Lannister to her. When he captured Tyrion Lannister and the two of them were traveling through the ruins of Old Valyria to reach Mereen, they are attacked by several creatures with Greyscale. They escape, Tyrion unscathed, but Ser Jorah infected with the scaly disease, a secret he's keeping to himself, because he knows he is basically just counting down the days until death now.

So in short, yes, it's likely that Ser Jorah will be among the body count from Season 6. But his Greyscale brings up another question: are others infected by sharing scaly handshakes with him? Namely, Khaleesi, who Jorah touched hands with because he's a jerk, who subsequently touched Missandi and the rest of them. One hopeful theory goes that the Tarygaryens are immune to the fatal Greyscale, which turns the skin slowly and surely into stone.

If it turns out that Jon Snow is also a dragon, then he would be immune, too, though so far hasn't come in contact with anyone with the scaly disease. Melisandre could have gotten the disease from Shireen, which wouldn't be that bad if it meant she would die. She's one of the show's most mysterious villains, though, so selfishly I hope she sticks around because I want to know just what she's up to.

Luckily, even though it would be heartbreaking to see Ser Jorah die, at least it will be a death fans can prepare for. And, if he somehow doesn't die, then it will be a great surprise!

Also luckily, Game Of Thrones fans are quick with the jokes.

Images: Helen Sloan/HBO (2), HBO/Facebook (screengrab)