Tiffany Hendra's 'RHOD' Husband Rocks Her World

There are many things that define the Housewives of the Real Housewives franchise of shows, chief among them is that most of them are married (hence the "Housewives" descriptor). Real Housewives of Dallas star Tiffany Hendra's husband Aaron is one of many husbands that will be featured in the new series — but Aaron Hendra isn't quite like the other husbands this season. While the other husbands have careers in more traditional fields — surgery, manufacturing, military — Aaron makes his living as a musician. The Australian-born singer-songwriter has worked in the music industry for years and is far from being a household name, but he does fairly well for himself.

Aaron's music will likely appeal to you if you enjoy emotional, guitar-driven rock tunes with a Christian influence. He seems especially drawn to themes of love, war, and growing older. Hendra recently released his debut solo album Octobersong in 2014 after working with his band SUPANATURAL, later known as OCIANIC, and toured for sixteen years as a drummer for Mariah Carey, according to his website. His work in music is his driving passion in life, and there's plenty of it for Real Housewives fans to get insight into the love the Hendras have for each other.


This seems to be a song dedicated to his wife, Tiffany. Lyrics like "I’m not sleeping you’re not either / This kind of dream could push a heart till it bursts / We’re on the way up but even if we don’t make it / We’re gonna make it" show the deep love that Aaron and Tiffany have for each other. Anyone can write a love song, but one this infused with emotion can only come from still being madly in love with someone after being married for over a decade, as Tiffany's Bravo bio says.

"One Man's War"

According to his website, this song was scripted as a tribute to the numerous child soldiers and the other victims of independent military operations in Uganda, Sudan, and other parts of Eastern Africa. It's a heartfelt, emotional plea for peace with a strong religious influence, but, no matter your beliefs, the overarching message still rings true.

"Walk With Angels"

"Walk With Angels," like many Christian rock songs, uses a loose Christian theme to communicate a universal feeling — in this case, missing someone who has passed away. "Walk With Angels" is a good indicator of a standard Aaron song — simple, yet backed by a strong emotional connection to the topic of the song.

"Don't Let It End"

According to his website, Aaron's big break was writing the song "Don't Let It End" for famous Australian crooner John Farnham. The song was featured on the multi-platinum (in Australia) album Romeo's Heart. This song laid the groundwork for Aaron's career, and it seems that not much has changed. "Don't Let It End" is a massive emotional ballad yearning for love — although instead of being guitar-driven, "Don't Let It End" relies on some much softer synths for its music.

Aaron's music may not be climbing the charts (yet), but it serves as a good reminder that you don't need to make it big to find success as a musician. For Aaron, success may just be telling his wife how much he loves her and trying to make the world a better place with his voice. Whether this fits within the definition of success for The Real Housewives Of Dallas has yet to be seen, but Aaron seems to be concerned about much more than money and social status.