9 Unexpected Websites To Buy Beauty Products Online

When it comes to shopping online, a certain specific set of websites tend to come to mind. From Sephora to Ulta and everything makeup boutique in between, beauty addicts all seem to prefer the same go-to options. And as great as all those spots are, you should know that there are plenty of unexpected retailers that you could be buying your favorite beauty products from. From clothing stores to restaurant chains, there are many online retailers that sell a variety of beauty products. While it may seem strange to purchase your eye cream alongside your new pair of kicks, think of all the shipping and handling fees you'll be saving. It's really the economically responsible thing to do, right?

Now, while the stores themselves may not be new to you, their beauty departments just might be. And they've all got a darn good selection, too. From their own exclusive makeup brands to more name-brand options, these unexpected beauty sites are a complete game-changer for online shopping. They allow you to peruse their own beauty options, while still finding other stuff. It's a bulk buyer's dream come true! Wondering what sites you need to bookmark? Here are nine unexpected websites that sell some of your favorite beauty products.

1. H&M

Eyeshadow Palette, $9.99, hm.com

If you didn't already know, your favorite place to buy tank tops and accessories also sells their own exclusive line of makeup. You have to check it out. Their eyeshadows are out-of-this-world good.

2. Urban Outfitters

Spray-On Nail Polish, $12, urbanoutfitters.com

Hipster flannels and ironic mugs aren't the only thing that you can pick up from UrbanOutfifters.com. In fact, they have a huge selection of name-brand beauty items to choose from.

3. Cracker Barrel

Lip Gloss, $8.99, crackerbarrel.com

Yep. Cracker Barrel sells pretty dope beauty products on their website. While their range is limited, they do offer quality lip balms, skincare, and therapeutic beauty options.

4. Blick Art Supply

Brush, $4.16, dickblick.com

In need of a few new brushes? Check out your favorite craft stores! Blick Art Supply offers amazing selection of brushes that can be used with your cosmetics.


Eyeliner, $25.41, asos.com

Here's an online beauty gem that you need to know about. I love turning to ASOS.com for harder-to-find beauty buys. K-beauty fans will especially fall for their selection.

6. Forever21

Sculpting Stick, $24, forever21.com

Besides selling their own line of products, Forever21.com also features cult-favorite brands like NudeStix, ModelsOwn, and Palmers.

7. Dollar Tree

Eyeshadow, $1, dollartree.com

If you're looking to buy beauty products in bulk, then head over to Dollartree.com. Products can be purchased individually for $1 or bought in bulk for around $24.

8. J.Crew

Lip Stain, $32, jcrew.com

While they may not offer a lot of options, one of your favorite online retailers does sell a handful of beauty products. Quality over quantity, y'all.

9. Etsy

Moisturizer, $24, etsy.com

Etsy is becoming a total hotspot for finding homemade, vegan, or all-natural beauty products. This is definitely a website to check out if you're looking for more indie products.

Excited to expand your selection? Me too.

Images: Pexels (1); Courtesy of Brands