18 Of Your Favorite '90s Cartoons Reimagined As Hipsters

Do you ever wonder what your favorite cartoon characters from childhood would look like if they grew up, went to liberal arts college, became raw vegans, moved to Brooklyn, brewed their own beer, and started an esoteric zine? Matt Lassen, a cartoonist, illustrator, and a Mad Magazine contributor has answered this quandary with his 23 image series of favorite '90s cartoons reimagined as hipsters.

I wanted to do an homage to cartoons from my youth with a comment on society. I thought it would be fun to see something I love, cartoons, with something I dislike, hipsters,” Lassen said, describing his inspiration for updating the cartoons to BuzzFeed. “Hipsters try so hard to be exaggerated and over the top which are the principles of cartooning that I thought it would be a fun series.”

If your nostalgia is feeling a bit warped, you are not alone. While porkpie hats, Sriracha tote bags, and the newest iPhone are spot on depiction of what you might see in a cafe in Williamsburg or hanging out on the streets of Portland, it seems so wrong in the hands of these pure creatures! Lassen plays with the idea of exaggeration, how some hipsters have become almost cartoonish in the over-the-top way they follow trends. Lassen hits the hipsters where it hurts, because if there is one thing hipsters love more than anything, it's nostalgic products from our youth (Jelly Sandals, vinyl, etc.).

Check out Matt's awesome cartoons and never be able to watch your fave '90s cartoons again without picturing them covered in sailor tattoos!

Doug Funnie Now Only Laughs Ironically

Over the last ten years he's turned into plaid loving, cutoff short wearing, bonafide hipster. He'd never be caught wearing socks with his Chuck Taylors now.

Belle Tells Everyone She Grew Up In France, But It's Not, Like, That Big A Deal

With her on-trend crop top, she is ready to hitch a ride to the Newport Folk festival.

This Care Bear's Tummy Symbol Doesn't Define Him

Grumpy Bear puts hot sauce on everything, and would never hang out with Funshine Bear or Cheer Bear these days. Ugh.

Bart Is Still A Rebel — Even When Riding A Penny-Farthing

His fixie may be in the shop, but his mustache is on point!

Captain Planet Is Judging Your Carbon Footprint Through His Retro Ray-Bans

This environmental superhero loves his green juice and is developing a recycling app, but it's still in the Beta testing phase.

Chuckie — Same Glasses, New Smart Phone

Chuckie was a scaredy-cat when he was younger, but now the only thing he's afraid of is his rent going up.

Don't Call These Powerpuff Women Cute

They are made out of sugar, spice, and everything grunge.

Spongebob Square-Cut Off Shorts

He's a sponge for knowledge — especially late '70s/early '80s Alt-Rock and French Cinema.

Not-So-Super Mario

Known around Bushwick for always wearing his shorteralls and a flannel hat (even in the summer), Mario knows a guy who can take you to the "Mushroom Kingdom" this weekend, if you know what I mean.

Lucky Strike Leela

Leela loves driving her spaceship to the coolest brunch spots, but they are so outside the galaxy you probably wouldn't know about them.

Calvin And Hobbes Sell Their Beanies On Etsy —

And are still living with their parents.

Epic Man-Bun Shaggy

"Zoinks! Are those vintage skinny jeans on sale?"

Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Don't Do "Conventional"

The Animaniacs' zany antics mostly involve riding around on razor scooters now.

To see more of Matt Lassen's art check out his Tumblr, and follow him on Twitter (@Matt_Lassen) and Instagram (@MattLassen)!

Images: Matt Lassen/Tumblr