Kate Middleton Wore This To The Queen's Birthday

Crop tops are all the rage right now, but the star you never expected to wear one just did. Oh snap. Kate Middleton wore a crop top, according to Us Weekly, and the craziest part about that statement is that she wore it to a party honoring the Queen's 90th birthday. Whaaat?!

Kate Middleton is infamous for her polished, sophisticated princess style, and as much as we all love them, let's be honest — crop tops and royalty aren't exactly synonymous. So imagine everyones surprise when Middleton showed up at a garden party celebrating the Queen's birthday on Monday wearing crop top separates. I mean, are pigs flying or something?

OK, so, in truth, Middleton is a good few inches away from joining Taylor Swift's crop top squad, because she didn't actually show any skin. But a crop top is a crop top, and no one can deny the fact that she's wearing one. The Duchess wore black and white Temperley London separates, featuring a cropped blouse and a maxi skirt, and even though you can't see any skin, you can definitely see that this top is cropped and she has #NoShame. It's flawless, and demonstrates the perfect way to stay on trend, even at an elegant event.

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See? Crop tops can be totally classy. And even though it's still somewhat surprising, this isn't the first time Kate Middleton has taken fashion risks. The Queen apparently hates Kate's footwear of choice — wedges.

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But she looks so flawless in them!

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You do you, Kate.

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Keep those style risks coming.

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