Jane's Bachelorette Party On 'Jane The Virgin' Brings Up Old Issues With Xo

I consider myself to be very close to my mother. I mean, I wouldn't put us exactly in the Lorelai and Rory Gilmore extreme level of closeness, but overall she's definitely still one of my all-time favorite people in the world. That being said, I would not want her at my bachelorette party because that is simply one place no mother should ever really be. I don't care how tame the evening is supposed to be, chances are things would be bound to get awkward. And that's definitely a struggle that Jane and Xo faced on Jane the Virgin this week. Because try as she might to keep control of the situation, Jane's bachelorette party was downright disastrous, and it was mostly all Xo's fault.

Personally, I love Xo and admire the strong bond that she shares with Jane, but I can totally understand why Jane didn't want her attending the bachelorette party in the first place. Obviously, Xo wanted to feel included and treated like one of the girls, but it's just one of those situations that should always be a mom-free zone. But, of course, Jane is way too nice and didn't want to say anything to Xo, for fear of hurting her mom's feelings. Though, just like with any good drama, things did eventually come to ahead, especially when enough alcohol was consumed.

It was bad enough that Xo sent a stripper to Jane's school and almost got her fired by sending her boss an unflattering voicemail, but then she was caught making out with the guy Lina was interested in. And that, for Jane, was where she drew the line. She told her mom that this was why she didn't want her at her bachelorette party, because she knew she would act like a drunk sorority girl. In fact, Jane explained that the whole reason she's such a control freak in the first place is because she grew up with her and she's so out of control.

It was a big revelation and one that wasn't easily resolved at the end of the episode, so it's hard to say where things will go from here. But one thing is for sure — the old go-to apology that Xo usually uses for these kinds of situations isn't going to cut it this time. Consider this daughter-mother relationship officially on the rocks.

Image: Michael Desmond/The CW