Petra Has A Twin Sister On 'Jane The Virgin,' So Get Ready To Start Seeing Double

Leave it to Jane the Virgin to throw us for such a complete loop. While viewers spent the majority of the episode thinking that Petra was abandoning her babies — even go so far as to dye her hair brunette — the explanation for this suspicious behavior turned out to be much more complicated than meets the eye. You see, Petra has a twin sister on Jane the Virgin . That's right, a twin sister! So I guess the fact that she just gave birth to twins was no pure coincidence. So who is she and what does she want? Right now, your guess is just as good as mine, I'm afraid. However, based on the look that came across Petra's face during this little reunion, she had no idea such a sibling even existed.

Granted, that's not really much to go on, but it does tell us that these two sisters must've been separated at a very young age in order for Petra not to remember anything about her. And considering the shifty behavior of Petra 2.0 (hey, that's as good of a nickname as any until we know her real name), I'd say she's shown up for a reason. Perhaps she's in some sort of trouble. Or maybe she's trying to find a way to con Petra out of money? Either way, family member or not, this new character should not be trusted right away, especially until after we've figured out her motives for being there.

But, I mean, intentions aside, this is pretty huge news and will give Yael Grobglas a fantastic opportunity to stretch her acting chops by playing two different personalities. Let's just hope that Petra's twin, whoever she is, proves to be a more loving family member than Magda ever was.

Image: Michael Desmond/The CW