Karaoke-Style Lindsay Is The Best Lindsay

I have a new career idea for Lindsay Lohan and it's called, person who lays low and stays pretty chill and then randomly kills it at karaoke. Yes, it's a mouthful, but it's perfect for her. Lindsay Lohan sung "Edge of Seventeen" by Stevie Nicks at a party Tuesday night and it was caught on video. Lohan actually sounds pretty good as she sings and dances along to the song with other party goers. This is the Lindsay Lohan that should exist in the world. It's hard to stay convinced that Lohan is done with the tumultuous section of her life for good, but this video is a good sign.

I've tended to root for Lohan all along and was all for her getting back into acting after she got her life on the right track, but after seeing this video that's all changed. I don't even care if she's acts anymore, she should just become a lady that shows up at parties, sings, and has an awesome time even though she's sober. She should also continue to wear the kitschy type of dress she wore last night — black with a gold violin appliqué and cutouts on the side. Lindsay Lohan is only 27, but I basically want her to start being a kooky middle-aged woman now. She will show up to parties with socialites and millionaires and everyone will say, "That Lindsay! She never has a drop to drink, but is always the life of the party!" Then she'll leave before the party starts winding down and wait three weeks before her next outing.

Last night's party was the 50th birthday party of New York Republican Party Finance Committee chair Matthew Mellon and I think that alone explains exactly the type of parties at which Lohan should do her singing. "Edge of Seventeen," which Lohan previously sang live during her short lived music career, can be her go-to song, but I think "Brass In Pocket" would also be an amazing choice.

Check out Lindsay Lohan singing for yourself below!

Image: Getty Images