MAC X Selena Quintanilla Is Really Happening

by Augusta Statz

This singer has had a massive impact through her music and her beauty icon status. So much so, that even 21 years after her death, she continues to have a lasting presence. Fans are getting the makeup collab of their dreams now that MAC Cosmetics is releasing a Selena Quintanilla inspired collection. When is MAC X Selena coming out already, you ask? You’ll be able to wear this glam makeup in just a few short months!

The collection is set to release October 2016, and while there aren’t many details about what will be in the lineup just yet, MAC has confirmed that it will be a “multi-product special deco collection” that’s been inspired by her fans. It’s Quintanilla’s sister who will be helping to curate the collection.

“I wanted the colors to be about her personally, what she wore on and offstage. She has been gone for 21 years already, and for this collaboration to happen, it’s pretty much incredible,” Suzette Quintanilla said in a press release. “It just shows the love her fan base has even though she’s gone; that her music still lives on and her legacy has grown tremendously since she’s passed. It’s a great honor to have MAC collaborate with Selena’s name and her fans — FOR her fans.”

As a sneak peek, take a look of this deep pink lipstick shade, “Como La Flor,” that will be part of the collection. If this doesn’t get you excited for what’s to come, I don’t know what will!

Only a bold lipstick shade would do to honor such a powerful woman.

Vince Bucci/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Quintanilla was not afraid to go glam, and with this collection you, too, can channel her fierceness.

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Image: Courtesy MAC Cosmetics (1)