Brothers Convince Sister Zombies Have Attacked

by Brianna Wiest

In the history of sibling pranks, this probably goes down as the most ingenious (and evil). Two brothers played a zombie apocalypse prank on their sister after she got her wisdom teeth removed, convincing her that the end of the world had begun once she was in the car. In a drugged stupor, she totally fell for it (and made for one of the best post-dental-procedure sillies videos we've seen in a while).

On the drive home from their sister's wisdom teeth removal, the brothers had their mom call and say that the apocalypse had just broken out and that they all had to prepare. They were equipped with fake radio announcements: "The center for disease control in Washington, D.C. has issued viral outbreak warning. State and local officials have reported cases of high fever, nausea, death, and even cannibalism. Stay in place until further notice." And then there were the fake phone calls from their mom ("You need to get home right now, there's some sort of a weird virus outbreak ...") and texts from their dad telling them to meet them in Mexico.

All with gauze stuffed in her mouth, you see her ask herself, "What? Cannibals? Zombies? Police are coming or something?" After asking her brother why he's loading garden equipment in the car: "We have guns!" The funniest part of it all is that her main concern is that she's not receiving adequate weaponry; not for a moment does she question whether or not this is real. It goes without saying that this is super cruel and super hilarious (and probably the wildest dream of many a Walking Dead fan).

"This is not a test."

There was some seriously superb acting involved in this prank, and the whole family got together to pull it off.

The confusion sets in ...

One of the funniest parts about this whole thing (aside from her expression right here) is that she was confused more than she was concerned. As in, she wasn't really doubtful that this was happening, or that it was impossible, or that her brothers could be joking. She just seemed surprised by the timing (too real, too real).

She's officially convinced this is real:

At the end, she was not even questioning the validity of this insanity one bit. She was more concerned about making sure that she had the right weaponry, arguing that they should just head out and start traveling because they're "not the U.S. Marines," so they don't have to be around and they should just get a head start. This whole thing is a case study on how to be the best/worst sibling ever, and the fact that we all seem to kind of believe the apocalypse is, uh, coming.

Check out the whole video below: