What To Wear To A Festival To Feel Cute & Comfy

Festival season is freaking upon us, people! For the perfect look, I've scouted out what to wear to a festival to look cute, but feel comfortable. I mean, what's the point of rocking an epic outfit if it's not cozy enough to dance around in?

If you're at a total loss for what festival look to create, I suggest turning to NYFW for inspo. When it comes to hair, consider following the advice of Mirza Batanovic, lead hairstylist for the show and a Eufora educator, along with Dana Hodges, another one of Eufora's incredibly talented national trainers and stylists. The duo told me brushed out waves, balayage, messy updos, "dusted rose" pink dye, and pops of teal color are definitely on-trend for spring. And of course, complete the look with some ultra-quirky nails!

As for the perfect outfit, you want to find pieces that make you feel your best, and can also take the heat (literally — Coachella gets freaking hot). NYFW saw tons of sexy off-the-shoulder styles, street-chic vibes, bold printed logos, intense patterned pops of color, and lots of movement. I also swooned hard for Tadashi Shoji's mix of sheer florals and tattoo-like prints that just scream punky spring.

Scroll on to find your best (cozy) festival look ever!

1. Off-The-Shoulder Playsuit

Off-The-Shoulder Playsuit (Plus), $30, Boohoo

Like, does anything say festival like a sexy paisley romper? I think not!

2. V-Neck Cape Cool

V-Neck Cape Cool, $136, Planet Blue

Keep things soft and breezy with this stunner pull-over dress.

3. Tie Dye Gauze Sundress

Tie Dye Gauze Sundress, $58.50,

It doesn't get easier than a breezy sundress.

4. Beach Bum Dress

Beach Bum Dress, $72, Planet Blue

The ultimate in chic chill, T-shirt dresses are a festival must.

5. Dozer Dress

Dozer Dress, $58, The Reformation

When in doubt, stripes are always playful and fun!

6. Maxi Dress In Soft Rose

Maxi Dress In Soft Rose, $119, Asos Curve

Stay nice and cool in this flowy floral maxi.

7. High Desert Crochet Top

High Desert Crochet Top, $38, Nasty Gal

All you need to finish off this comfy look is a pair of cute cut-off shorts!

8. Mykonos Kaftan

Mykonos Kaftan, $298, Planet Blue

OK, I know, it's expensive, but how light does this look?! #SwoonSwoonSwoon

9. Alegre Dress

Alegre Dress, $198, The Reformation

Dress or pajamas? You tell me.

10. Off Shoulder Dress In Linen

Off Shoulder Dress In Linen, $55, Asos Curve

Another sweet stunner off-the-shoulder dress for carefree perfection.

11. Crochet Baby Fringe Cover Up Top

Crochet Baby Fringe Cover Up Top, $58, Nasty Gal

Stay cool in this sexy fringe cover up!

12. Paisley Culotte Jumpsuit

Paisley Culotte Jumpsuit, $30, Boohoo

This cut-off jumpsuit creates an effortless cool vibe.

13. Desert Dancer Dress

Desert Dancer Dress, $145, Planet Blue

I mean, does anything say festival like tye dye? #HeckNo

One more thing: Don't forget to finish off all these looks with plenty of sunscreen, K? K!

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Images: Courtesy of Brands