Where To Buy Huda Kattan's Lip Contour Pencils If You Want To Up Your Pout Game

Whether she's using tape to contour or rocking a glamorous Instagram pose, it's safe to say that everything Huda Kattan touches turns to gold. Now she's creating products to improve your pout, and I can't wait. Here's where to buy Huda Kattan's lip contour pencils if you want to up your pout game.

Kattan's 12.7 million Instagram followers are familiar with her signature lip contouring technique. Now she's created products to help you recreate the look on your very own. Lip contouring is an easy solution for flat or thin lips, a wide or narrow mouth, or an uneven shape to your pout. You don't even need lip fillers to solve your biggest pout pet peeve with Kattan's new products.

Kattan is launching nine lip pencil shades, designed to be used alone or mixed together to create her signature looks. They should be waterproof and transfer-proof, so you can wear them through dinner dates and brunches.

The shades come in contour and highlight shades, so you can use the shades that come together or swap them out for different looks. The colors are Trendsetter (Contour) and Bombshell (Highlight), Vixen (Contour) and Famous (Highlight), and Famous (Contour) and Trophy Wife (Highlight).

All nine lip pencils are available for purchase on May 3 at sephora.com. Here's a look at each shade.

1. Trendsetter

Huda Lip Contour Pencil In Trendsetter, $19, Sephora

Trendsetter is a contour color. It's a warm, spicy brownish nude that is is on trend right now.

2. Bombshell

Huda Lip Contour Pencil In Bombshell, $19, Sephora

With every contour shade comes a lighter highlight shade. Generally, the dark conceals and the highlight reveals, so you want to concentrate the lighter shades on the center of your pout to make it look larger.

3. Vixen

Huda Lip Contour Pencil In Vixen, $19, Sephora

Vixen is a deep burgundy color, and a great alternative if you couldn't get your hands on the new Kylie Cosmetics Kourt K shade.

4. Famous

Huda Lip Contour Pencil In Famous, $19, Sephora

They don't look like it, but these pencils can be sharpened in a regular pencil sharpener.

5. Cheerleader

Huda Lip Contour Pencil In Cheerleader, $19, Sephora

Everyone needs an iconic red.

6. Gossip Girl

Huda Lip Contour Pencil In Cheerleader, $19, Sephora

Mauve, pale pinks make for natural, understated pouts that still look pretty.

7. Video Star

Huda Lip Contour Pencil In Video Star, $19, Sephora

A love a cool-toned, bright pink in the summertime, when I'm rocking a warmer skin tone.

8. Icon

Huda Lip Contour Pencil In Icon, $19, Sephora

Who needs another muted nude? Uh, all of us.

9. Trophy Wife

Huda Lip Contour Pencil In Trophy Wife, $19, Sephora

Purple undertones look amazing on warm-toned skin.

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IImage: Huda Kattan/ Instagram