What Kylie Lip Kit Liners To Wear With Her Glosses If You Want To Mix & Match

The best beauty products are multi-purpose. So far, Kylie Jenner's products have been used as lip colors, eye liners, and even faux freckles. Now that she's introduced her glosses, we have even more products to creatively mix and match. Here's what Kylie Lip Kit liner to wear with her glosses for a gorgeous and unique pout.

I'm so glad Jenner released a few glosses, because now is the perfect time. Ultra-wet glosses are a great formulation for spring and summer — it's more moisturizing and easier to work with than liquid matte lipsticks. But just because they're glosses, it doesn't mean they can't be lasting or even mixed with other Kylie Cosmetic products.

Thankfully, Instagram has some great ideas for mixing the Kylie Cosmetic products. Using Lip Kit liners underneath the new glosses is a great way to create unique looks out of these popular (actually, now cult-favorite) colors. The lip liners act like a lipstick on their own, with a creamy and blendable formula. Topping a lipstick off with a bit of gloss has been a longtime makeup go-to, so it makes perfect sense to blend the existing lip kit liner shades with the new lip glosses.

Here are my favorite combinations to rock.

1. Dolce K Liner + Like Gloss

Like is mocha gloss, while Dolce K is medium beige nude. Together they create a warm, deep caramel color that is complimentary to warm skin tones.

Kylie Lip Kit in Dolce K, $29.00, kyliecosmetics.com

Like Gloss, $15.00, kyliecosmetics.com

2. Koko K Liner + So Cute Gloss

I love how light and romantic both of these shades are. Koko K is a warm, pinky nude and So Cute is a warm, nude beige. Together, they create a light look that is perfect for springtime.

Kylie Lip Kit in Koko K, $29.00, kyliecosmetics.com

So Cute Gloss, $15.00, kyliecosmetics.com

3. Candy K Liner + Literally Gloss

Candy K has a warmer, spicier tone than Literally, which is a warm toned, peachy nude. Mixing the two together creates a darker lip that lasts much longer.

Kylie Lip Kit in Candy K, $29.00, kyliecosmetics.com

Literally Gloss, $15.00, kyliecosmetics.com

Love these combinations, but still don't have any lip kits or glosses in your possession? Don't worry! Just follow us for the latest updates on Kylie Lip Kit restocks.

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Images: Kylie Cosmetics