Kylie Jenner's Newest 'Marie Claire' Cover Mystery

The youngest Jenner is no stranger to magazine covers and exclusive interviews, which is why it comes as no shock that Kylie Jenner is Marie Claire 's newest May cover star, looking all fresh faced and sweet. And loving her look, the question needs to be asked: Is Jenner wearing Kylie Lip Kits on the cover of Marie Claire? It's not often that we see the youngest Jenner looking au naturale, and though her flawless eyeliner and mauve lips are always gorgeous, this alternative look suits her wonderfully, too. So if we were to recreate this same look, could we do it with the Kylie Lip Kits? While her liquid lipsticks are definitely out because of their mauve texture, her new gloss lipsticks could still potentially do the trick when it comes to recreating that bare look.

But when further inspecting the lip kits, it seems like the Marie Claire makeup artist probably didn't use the kits when creating the cover look. While the Kits have three different gloss liquid shades right now ("Like," "Literally," and "So Cute,") they're all a bit to dark or pink to suit the natural shade on the cover For example, "Like" is a warm brown beige hue, "Literally" is a peachy nude, and "So Cute" is a warm nude beige — which doesn't match up with the natural, almost lip-balm looking pinkish red on Jenner's lips.

And if there was a hue pretty close to that naked shade, the texture of the Lip Kits would also give it away. They go on thick and highly glossy, whereas her cover looks like she might be not even wearing gloss at all but simple chap stick.

For example, here are some gloss liquid lipstick shots to compare the different textures of cover and product.

It's way too thick to pass, even though it does the trick when it comes to creating a more non-makeup look. So if you want to recreate Jenner's look on Marie Claire , it looks like all you need are a set of fake eyelashes, an eyebrow pencil, and a subtle gloss that just accentuates your natural lip color. Which is pretty handy considering how those Lip Kits are hard to get a hold of!

Whether she's contoured-out or looking fresh-faced, Jenner is still #flawless.