The One Thing Kourtney Kardashian Has Learned From Kylie's Lip Kits

When it comes to beauty products, the Kardashian-Jenner clan basically reigns supreme. But in the past year or two, it's the youngest, Kylie Jenner, who's revealed herself to be the master of makeup. When the Kylie Lip Kits launched in November of 2015, we all learned a little something — mostly the feeling of frantic despair that comes with seeing SOLD OUT pop up under that perfect shade of matte orange you've been trying to buy for the past 10 minutes. Kourtney, however, with her (I would imagine) unlimited access to the Lip Kits, learned something a little more useful from the new line.

"I finally mastered the matte lip," she tells me and other reporters at an event for Manuka Doctor, a skin care brand that recently appointed Kardashian as their celebrity ambassador after she posted a jar of their honey on her app. Before her littlest sister came along with "the perfect liner and consistency," Kardashian just couldn't get into that trendy matte finish. I mean, same, right? We might have all dabbled in nude mattes before Jenner blessed us all with her kits, but now they're a full-on must-have for any respectable makeup guru's kit. It's pretty rad to see a big sis showing so much support for her younger siblings, especially since the two have almost opposite approaches to beauty.

While Jenner's a product hoarder who could probably do a flawless smoky eye in her sleep ("Most of the time Kylie does her makeup herself," Kardashian tells me) Kardashian prefers a minimalistic look if she's not getting done up for a shoot or appearance. But the two have been considering switching routines, just for fun.

"She always says she wants to to do [my makeup]," Kardashian says. "So, I want to do my natural, 5-minute makeup on her and she wants to do what she thinks I should look like." And even though they've fooled around doing each other's faces up on Snapchat, Kardashian promises they're going to film an official video for their apps that shows the sisters swapping routines.

The date for the video is TBD, but I, for one, can't wait to watch — especially if we get a sneak peek of the next round of Kylie Cosmetics.