Daniel Passino Returns To 'The Voice' As Team Pharrell's Comeback Artist

Everyone loves rooting for an underdog, especially when they have a real shot at winning. That underdog on Season 10 of The Voice is Daniel Passino. Pharrell brought Passino back as his one Comeback Artist after Passino was eliminated from Team Christina in the Knockout Rounds. While it can be difficult to come back after an elimination, Passino did it flawlessly. His rendition of Bruno Mars' "If I Was Your Man" was smooth, powerful, and vocally flawless. It was the comeback performance of all comeback performances, and will put Passino back in the hearts of the voters for good.

There's no denying Passino's talent. His voice is strong and versatile — it fits into lots of different categories and genres, which will help him excel in the industry. With so much talent, you may be wondering how he was eliminated in the first place. Well, Passino was paired against former Team Christina team mate Alisan Porter in the Knockout Rounds. Porter's extremely tough to compete with. It's pretty safe to say that any artist who was forced to battle her would've been eliminated — Passino was just the unlucky victim.

Thanks to his now-coach Pharrell, Passino has a second chance in this game and it's already clear that he's going to use it wisely. There was no better way for him to come back than with "If I Was Your Man." Though it was a risky choice, it paid off. It showed off his performance skills and crazy range. Seriously, he nailed a note that many women can't even hit. If that isn't impressive, I don't know what is. Now that Passino's fate is in the hands of America, his The Voice journey could be so much different than the first time around. If he keeps up the way he's going, he'll win over voters in no time. As long as he does that, there's no doubt we'll be seeing Passino for weeks to come.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC