Why Yolanda & David Foster Got Divorced Isn't 'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Fans' Business

In the beginning of 2016, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda announced her divorce from David Foster, but no one was sure whether it would be something that was discussed on the show. During Tuesday's Season 6 finale, Yolanda addressed her split from David, and it was truly heartbreaking. Unfortunately, all of the other ladies also weighed in on the situation, and I can't imagine that's comforting when you are going through such a difficult transition. Luckily, Yolanda has a true friend in Erika Jayne, who rushed right to her side to show her support.

There wasn't a clear cut reason given for the split, but divorce is also a completely personal thing. It's really no one's right to know all of the details. The ladies all speculated that the divorce was somehow connected to Yolanda's health issues and I honestly hope that's not the case. To leave the supposed love of your life because they have become ill would be a truly awful thing to do.

Yolanda has since moved out of the home she shared with David and moved into her own condo. Erika visited her new digs during the finale and discussed the dissolution of the marriage with her. Yolanda compared divorce to a death and said that David was her best friend, which certainly showed how devastating the split must be for her. Erika did her best to cheer her friend up, and it only made me love her more for her efforts. She seems like a true blue friend in a sea of sharks.

Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards and Kathryn Edwards all seemed to be really shocked by the news of the divorce. LVP lamented that she had always thought Yolanda and David had a great marriage and that they seemed right for each other. To really hit viewers right in the heartstrings, a montage of the couple's most adorable moments began playing. Seriously? You're killing me, Bravo!

Regardless of why Yolanda and David's marriage ended, it seems like she at least has Erika and her kids if she needs a shoulder to lean on.

Images: Michael Larsen, Nicole Weingart/Bravo