Is Too Much Dry Shampoo Bad For Your Hair? Drybar's Alli Webb Spills The Truth

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If you try and go as long and possible between washes, then you probably rely pretty darn heavily on dry shampoo. It's a life aver, right? But for as much good as it does, it can feel like it's drying your hair out, which brings on a whole new set of problems. If you're worried you might be harming your hair and have wondered if too much dry shampoo is bad, you can keep on spraying without fear — but there is a catch.

I go a week or more between washes, and there is literally no way I'd be able to do that and still look human without dry shampoo. Some weeks, especially when it gets hot and sweaty out, I can go pretty spray crazy and feel like I'm going through half a bottle at once, so I figured it was time to find out if I was harming my hair in the process. I interviewed Drybar founder Alli Webb to find out exactly what gives: Is too much dry shampoo really bad for your hair?

The answer is no — as long as you are properly cleansing when you shower. "I tell all my clients to use a super cleansing (or clarifying) shampoo once a week, like our Happy Hour Shampoo, to get rid of all the product build-up, oil, and dirt. This also ensures you start your blowout with super clean hair which makes it last even longer. When choosing a clarifying shampoo, make sure to pick one that has nutrients to fortify the strands as it cleans," says Webb.

Need to stock up on a clarifying shampoo to supplement your dry shampoo habit? Here are seven to shop.

1. Drybar

Happy Hour, $24,

This product has vitamins A, B, E and K to fortify your hair.

2. Kenra

Clarifying Shampoo, $13,

Grapefruit and witch hazel help to eliminate deposits and buildup in your hair.

3. Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two, $8.99,

This shampoo is great to help minimize your natural oil production.

4. Hask

Charcoal Purifying Shampoo, $5.99,

Cleanse, clarify, and eliminate impurities with this charcoal shampoo.

5. Ouidad

Clarifying Cream Shampoo, $26,

Try a cream clarifying shampoo if you need something more gentle.

6. AG Hair

Therapy Renew Clarifying Shampoo, $45,

If you spend a lot of time in the pool in the summer, this product is ideal to get rid of chlorine buildup.

7. L'anza

Healing Pure Clarifying Shampoo, $28,

Use this product if you have color-treated hair; it uses Keratin to protect it.

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