Kourtney Kardashian Doesn't Use This Beauty Staple

Let's just be honest, celebrities have a lot of weird beauty habits. Between getting stung by bees and vampire facelifts, A-listers go to crazy lengths in the name of beauty, so it's nice when they do something normal for a change. According to Allure, Kourtney Kardashian doesn't use eye cream and it turns out that the might actually be on to something.

It's no secret that Kardashian loves her all-natural products and healthy lifestyle. Just one look at her website and you'll see posts on gluten-free breakfast ideas and non-toxic cleaning supplies. She also happens to be the face of all-natural brand Manuka Doctor, which, according to Allure, she's been using for years now. Apparently Kardashian loves the products so much that she's actually stopped using eye cream all together. Instead, she uses the Brightening and Replenishing oils from the Makunka Doctor line — two products that you can pick up right at the drugstore.

"Kim and I have always used oil on our eyes," Kardashian told Allure. "Instead of using eye cream, we'll put it under our eyes and on our eyelids. I love the way that it smells, I love the consistency of it, and I love that it's natural."

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It turns out that Kardashian might actually be onto something by replacing her creams with oil. According to Huffington Post, oils can do everything that creams can do and they often have quicker results with less downsides. Because the skin looses its essential oils over the years, it's also important that you put them back through your beauty routine. That makes Kardashian's beauty tip and all-around great idea, according to science.

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While the Kardashian sisters opt for a specific blend of oils to use on their eyes, you can target a specific problem by using just one in your routine. Each natural oil has benefits all of their own, which make it easier (and cheaper) to get the results you want. Whether you're looking to eliminate dark circles or make your skin stronger, there's an all-natural fix out there for you.

1. Protect & Strengthen Skin

Puritan's Pride Vitamin E Oil, $9, Amazon

According to Oil Health Benefits, Vitamin E can seriously strengthen your skin. Not only can it eliminate wrinkles in no time, but it can also protect against getting dark circles. Just dab a little on a cotton ball and rub it on your face in the morning or night.

2. Soothe Puffy Eyes

Spectrum Coconut Oil, $7, Jet

Along with having all the properties of Vitamin E, coconut oil also has anti-inflammatory properties, making it the perfect fix for puffy under eyes. You can dilute the oil with water and rub right onto eyes before bed or use it as an all-natural makeup remover and get all the benefits while you wipe.

3. Get Acne Under Control

100% Pure Tea Tree Oil, $7, Amazon

According to Body Ecology, Tea Tree is the best natural oil for acne prone skin. The site also says that it can act as a pain remover and fix cuts and scrapes as well.

4. Treat Sensitive Skin

Pure Rosehip Seed Oil, $21, Amazon

The Huffington Post calls this one a miracle skin product because of it's eczema and sensitive skin treatment. The publication even says it's better than Botox. I'd say that's worth a try!

5. Reducing Dark Circle

Sweet Almond Oil, $6, Amazon

Almond Oil is pretty much the super food of oils. With anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-dandruff properties, Oil Health Benefits say that it's the best for getting rid of dark circles on top of many other uses. From hair to skin to nails, this oil has got your back.

6. Eliminate Redness

Lavender Oil, $19, Amazon

On top of eliminating stress and helping fall asleep, Lavender Oil has amazing redness eliminating benefits. This makes it great with people who are trying to treat rosacea.

7. Moisturize

Instanatural Argan Oil, $17, Amazon

If you're looking for an all-natural moisturizer, then this is the one for you. You can use this fatty acid-filled oil to moisturize just about every part of your body, from your hair to your toenails.

There's your quick and easy guide to skincare oils!

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