What To Do After Prom When You're Not Ready For The Night To Be Over Just Yet

So, you just had your prom — you danced a lot, filled up your Instagram with cute photos, and had a blast with your closest friends. Now what? After such a monumental night, you might be searching for fun things to do after prom, to keep the momentum going. Some people you know might have a few ideas that will probably end up being terrible (since seriously, you're too smart of a person to get wasted at some stranger's beach house — getting into potentially dangerous situations probably isn't something you're willing to do). Instead, you will want to form a game plan of things you can do that are actually memorable, so that you can look back on prom weekend with fond memories, and not total regret.

Not to be a total drag, but you should totally clear any kind of plan with your parents first. Yes, you are on the brink of adulthood, but you don't want anyone to worry about your whereabouts. Also, having to deal with worried parental texts will kind of destroy the weekend anyway, and will likely lead to a miserable Monday. The most adult thing you can do? Check in with the adults.

But, once everything is in the clear, here are a few ideas for fun, safe post-prom activities that will make your night even more fun.

1. Gather your friends for a board game night

Feel free to break out the fun retro ones, like Girl Talk, Mall Madness, and Dream Phone, which you can probably find online or at a thrift shop if they're not already stashed in a closet at your house. If cards are more your thing, there's always Cards Against Humanity, which is extremely humorous with the right group of friends. Try to find games that are short, since longer games (like, Monopoly) might get dull after the second hour of hotel-buying and jail-going. Clue is also a fun choice, and it's great for a group of five or six.

2. Host a prom movie marathon

Now that you've been to prom, you can see whether or not your favorite movies got it right. Some fun movies that include prom are Mean Girls, 10 Things I Hate About You, Never Been Kissed, and of course, Pretty In Pink — just to get you started. Compare notes with your friends, and see which prom movie your friends can relate to the most.

3. Have a sleepover, complete with breakfast

Sleepovers aren't just for kids. Since you and your friends might be heading different ways due to college, this might be the last time you can have everyone over at once. Plus, after spending the night wearing shoes that might not be your normal go-to, and a fancy dress that, while beautiful, isn't exactly the epitome of comfort, it'll be a relief to change into some pajamas.

A sleepover is also the perfect time to gossip about the night, airdrop some fun photos, and create additional memories. Gather up some eggs and toast prior to, and cook an amazing post-prom breakfast the next morning.

4. Find a teen-friendly club

If you're in the mood for additional dancing, check out local clubs that'll allow you to have a post-prom party with your closest friends. If you can't find anything, or if clubbing isn't your thing, check out some local music venues to see if there are any shows that'll be going on late into the night. Make the most out of your costly prom clothes, and find a place where you won't feel too out of place in a ballgown.

5. Camp outdoors

It could be in your backyard, or at a local camping site — get your tent ready, pack up some gear, and see if you can brave the great outdoors. Camping is great if you're looking for an excuse to get out of your comfort zone, and by camping after prom, you're setting yourself up for a fun adventure.

6. Go to a midnight movie

Movie theaters often have late night shows, so it'll be easy to go straight to the theater right after the prom. Since you'll be so energized based on the fun times at prom, you'll have no problem staying awake. Going to the movies in a big group is a lot of fun, and hitting up a diner afterward to discuss the film will extend your night even more. (Plus, diners have fries. Who can turn down fries?)

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