These 'Kimmy Schmidt' Guest Stars Are Amazing

It won't be long now until Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2 premieres on Netflix and all I can say is "it's a miracle!" my patience has lasted this long. (Seriously, I've been going through Titus Andromedon withdrawal over here.) And while everyone should definitely be looking forward to the return of all the main-stay characters, there's also an extensive list of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2 guest stars to look forward to as well. Initially, I didn't think it would be possible for these cameo appearances to outshine the collection of A-list guest stars that made their debut in Season 1, but that just goes to show how much I know about these types of things because this lineup is truly amazing. I'm talking "Pinot Noir"-level type of amazing, which we all know is really the highest compliment anyone can get.

You'll have to wait until all of the episodes are released to see them in action, of course, but in the meantime, it wouldn't hurt to get a sense of the type of character you (and Kimmy) will be coming across throughout our Season 2 journey. So as a way to help organize your thoughts and get you pumped for what's to come, here are all of the big guest stars you can look forward to encountering during your marathoning experience.

Anna Camp

Best known for her roles on Pitch Perfect and True Blood, the actress will take on the part of Deirdre Robespierre, one of New York society's most elite women and current rival of Jacqueline, who (as we all know) hates to be out-shined. In other words, get ready to be introduced to your new favorite frenemies.

Jeff Goldblum

The trial may be over, but Kimmy is still receiving a lot of attention for being one of the famous Mole Women, which is where Goldblum's character, Dr. Dave, comes in as a talk show host who interviews Kimmy about her experience down in the bunker. Something tells me this interaction is going to be priceless.

Fred Armisen

This SNL alum will portray a character named Bobby and serve as a romantic blast from Lillian's past. And, judging by the look of things, those feelings for each other still haven't gone away.

David Cross

The Arrested Development actor will take on the role of Russ Snyder, an attorney for the Jewish Art Reclamation Project who doesn't seem at all hesitant in putting Jacqueline in her place, which makes him either very brave or very, very stupid.

Zosia Mamet & Evan Jonigkeit

Given that this show takes place in New York City, it was only a matter of time before the gang encountered a cool hipster couple. Meet Sue and Bob Thompstein, who are obviously two of the greatest people you will ever meet. I mean, the matching flannel and incredible hats pretty much speak for themselves. I don't even know them and yet I want to be them.

Amy Sedaris

The actress will don the part of Mimi Kanassis, an old friend of Jacqueline’s who seems to bond with Kimmy instantly. (Seriously, does the modeling industry know about these two?)

Kenan Thompson

When Lillian fears that an old soul food restaurant called Mabel's is going to go under, fans will be treated to a very sweet flashback between her and her husband Rowland, played by none other that Thompson himself and featuring some impressive guitar skills.

Sam Page

Known for his roles on Gossip Girl, Mad Men, and House of Cards, Page will now be tackling the role of Keith, a potential new love interest for Kimmy. And by the look of things in the image above, I'd say this could be the start of a pretty epic romance.

Joshua Jackson

As you can see from the name tag, the actor will be playing a character called Purvis. And while I don't want to give away his role in the storyline, let's just say that Dawson's Creek fans will be very pleased with this little cameo.

Tina Fey

And last, but certainly not least, this queen of comedy will play therapist Andrea Bayden, who could apparently drink all of us under the table. Can all therapists please be this cool?

Umm... is it April 15 yet?

Images: Eric Liebowitz/Netflix (9); Netflix (2)