How To Get Beachy Waves By Twisting Your Hair — VIDEOS

Who says you need to use heat in order to get gorgeous, beachy waves? In fact, you can get mermaid-inspired hair just by twisting your strands. So, go ahead, and put away your curling irons and hair straighteners. You won't be needing them. All you need to get glamorous, full waves is just a few bobby pins and and the occasional hair tie. It couldn't be more simple.

When it comes to twisting your hair for textured waves, be aware that the direction you twist your hair matters. Much like using a curling iron, the direction that you twist the hair affects the outcome of the hairstyle. I've found that twisting the strands away from my face gives me a more windswept look, while twisting strands towards my face gives my hair more texture and movement. Personally, I love using both methods when doing this type of hairstyle as it gives my style more natural look.

One of the best parts about this no-heat styling is that it can work for any hair type. From fine, slippery hair to bold curls, anyone can recreate this bouncy hairstyle. Check out these step-by-step tutorials below to figure out how to twist your specific hair type for the ultimate beachy look.

1. Fine Hair

Lindsey Michelle on YouTube

Honestly, you could just stop at the braids for a cute, no-heat hairstyle.

2. Medium Hair

Bookmarking this video immediately.

3. Thick Hair

Vivian V on YouTube

Talk about #hairgoals.

4. Natural Hair

Naptural85 on YouTube

Get ready to take a selfie, because this hairstyle is completely gorgeous.

Later, curling irons. Hello, gorgeous waves.

Images: Pixabay (1)