"What's At Stake For Women In This Election" Shows How Important The 2016 Presidential Race Is In 3 Minutes — VIDEO

The 2016 election has been going on for so long that it's easy to feel frustrated enough to want to write the whole thing off and ignore it — but unfortunately, media circus aside, there really are some incredibly important things that will be effected by the election, especially for women. As the video "What's At Stake For Women In This Election" from Huffington Post makes clear, the next President will have a lot of power to make to things better or worse for women in the coming years. So though even a reality television star is the one making most of the headlines this year, this stuff still is important.

Although women have made a lot of progress towards equality over the past century — seriously, in 1916, we couldn't even vote or get divorced — many of the crucial victories of the 20th century are being jeopardized in the 21st. Which is the opposite of how progress is supposed to work. For the past several years, reproductive rights in particular have been under attack, but that's not the only women's issue at stake. This election has broad reaching implications for a number of issues.

Not that the election itself makes it easy to see it as the vitally important thing it is. I mean, there was a discussion during a debate about Donald Trump's, ahem, "size"; Ted Cruz and Trump basically got into a "my wife is better than your wife" fight; Ted Cruz's former roommate is currently weighing in on the fact that Cruz tried to make dildos illegal in Texas; and so on and so forth.

Does any of this seem like it befits a process that will have huge, sweeping impacts on hundreds of millions of people's lives? No. But the election remains important none-the-less. And if you don't believe me, here's everything that's at stake for women this year in three minutes or less, including...

What We're Allowed To Do With Our Own Bodies

Whether We All Get Paid Equally For Performing The Same Work

This Major Issue

Our Messed Up Parental Leave Situaton

And more. So hang in there people. Because the process might be ridiculous, but the stakes are no laughing matter at all.

Images: HuffPo Women/Facebook (4)