13 Times The 'Pretty Little Liars' Ruined Their Outfits — PHOTOS

It's really quite maddening to try to count all the times the girls of Pretty Little Liars completely ruined their outfits. It's like they have a stylist pick out their outfits every day to just be completely ruined by whatever A scenario happens next. Apparently A doesn't love fashion or style? And the fancier these liars' outfits get, the more likely the chance of destruction is later that day. They could never go to New York Fashion Week, lest the scale of the fashion matches the scale of complete destruction: especially considering what A pulled last time we saw the Liars modeling on the catwalk. Think of all of the money spent on prom and homecoming dresses completely wasted!

However, it's not the Liars' faults; they're just along for the ride and definitely get attacked a lot more than regular high school girls. Whether it's via fiery explosion, coffin on a moving train, car, or bowl of Cheetos, the girls have made it through some pretty interesting situations; it's a surprise they've all made it through six seasons.

With that in mind, it's time we pay homage to every outfit that has died in the service of protecting the Liars in "battle." Whether it was a fancy evening gown, a pair of awesome boots, or just a cute top, every outfit deserves some recognition. Let us pray in remembrance for their fallen True Religion jeans.

1. The Time Spencer Thought She Killed Someone

In "Cover For Me," Spencer believes she could've killed Aly and has this flashback while running.

2. The Time Aria Gets Put Into A Coffin

During Halloween in "This Is A Dark Ride" Aria is attacked on the train and put in a coffin in this gorgeous flapper dress.

3. The Time Hanna Gets Hit By A Car

Hanna is hit by a car in this cute jacket in "Keep Your Friends Close."

4. The Time Spencer Runs Through The Woods In A Wedding Dress

Spencer sprints through the woods in a wedding dress in "Unbridled."

5. The Time Hanna Is Pushed Down By A Mannequin

Hanna is attacked in a store full of mannequins in "Misery Loves Company."

6. The Time Aria Is Thrown Into A Lamp

Aria gets thrown by A in "The Goobye Look."

7. The Time Emily Is Almost Run Over

In "We've All Got Baggage" Emily is almost pinned to a shed by a monster truck.

8. The Time Cheese Puffs Ruined Hanna's Outfit

OK, so maybe this wasn't life and death. But, still, those cheese puffs ruined a good outfit in "Gamma Zeta Die."

9. The Time Spencer Went Insane

Believing that Toby has been murdered, Spencer goes insane in the woods in "Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind."

10. The Time Emily Is Almost Sawed In Half

Emily is almost sawed in half in this cute varsity sweater and red jeans in "Now You See Me, Now You Don't."

11. The Time Spencer Was Choked On The Halloween Train

Spencer finds herself gasping for air in "This Is A Dark Ride." That wasn't a very fun Halloween Train, huh?

12. The Time Emily Was Attacked At Homecoming

This dress means trouble in several different ways, and Emily is under attack in "The Homecoming Hangover."

13. The Time Mona Was Murdered

This is the outfit Mona is wearing when she is murdered in "Through A Glass, Darkly." RIP pink patterned pants.

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Images: Freeform (14)