Who Did Strand Call On 'Fear The Walking Dead'? The Group Is Headed Towards An Ominous Meeting

It looks like Daniel Salazar may be right in not trusting the Abigail's leader. Who was Strand talking to on Fear The Walking Dead ? It looks like they may be headed to Mexico next on the AMC series, and that Strand is meeting other survivors.

While Daniel wasn't watching him, but instead looking through his guns and maps to Mexico, Strand went to an abandoned diner and had a conversation with someone on his cell. It's weird that cell service still exists on Fear The Walking Dead, isn't it? Perhaps it was a radio. He said "it's me," so this is clearly a friend. He also said that "it's all clear now" that he could meet them at sundown. That's the latest that the person at the other end of the line could push it. He was flipping over a postcard in his hand while they talked and assured his friend that he would be there. He made no mention of his other passengers.

Earlier in the episode, Daniel Salazar brought up the fact that Abigail might not even be his boat, but I don't think that's true. When Strand referred to the vessel as "a million dollar boat" rather than "my million dollar boat," Salazar tried to catch him in a lie. However, I think it was just a test. That choice of possessive pronoun doesn't really mean anything.

I appreciate that this was such a small moment. Any other show would have made a huge cliffhanger out of this secret exchange. The normalcy of Strand's conversation makes it even more intriguing. So, who is Strand meeting? Does he have family? Is he part of some weird group? What are his plans for his passengers? After acting like such a loner and chiding Alicia for reaching out to Jack the Stranger, I'm honestly shocked that he is in contact with anybody else. I can't wait to see how this unfolds on Fear The Walking Dead, because Strand is easily the spinoff's most interesting character.

Image: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC