Beyonce Drops New Album & Here's Where To Get It

by Emily Lackey

Oh, glorious day! The clouds of April have parted and made way for the light, because Beyoncé's new album Lemonade is now available on Tidal, and it is like manna from heaven. The long wait is over, my friends. And that's not all — the album was also dropped in an amazingly epic way on her HBO special Lemonade. Not only was the album released after months of rumors had been circulating, it also occurred on the same day as her new active wear line, Ivy Park, hit stores. And, you guys, this album is good. Like really, really good.

I think we all were sort of anticipating that Beyoncé’s new album would be amazing. I mean, it’s Beyoncé. But also because the queen of all things melodious gave us a taste of the music she’s been working on in secret for the last few months when she released “Formation” and its accompanying music video. Both showed the artist at her best: It combined her amazing talents as a singer and dancer with a clear political slant.

But her new album goes above and beyond any of Beyoncé’s previous work. There is everything we love about Beyoncé in this new album, sure, but there is also a clear message in many of these songs that set Lemonade far above anything the star has done before.

Really it’s no surprise that the album is as good as it is. As rumors have swirled around its creation, Beyoncé and those close to her have remained mum on whether or not there would be a new album and what that new album would entail. But after much speculation and fanfare, Lemonade is here. And, y’all, it was definitely worth the wait. Because beyond Beyoncé’s usual good beats and lyrics that are easy to sing to, her latest album is pure art.

It’s powerful. It’s moving. It’s everything we’ve been waiting for and more.