Is Beyonce Ivy Park Sold Out Online? Don't Delay, Since Pieces Are Going Fast — PHOTOS

Athleisure and activewear have been wholly embraced by fashion girls and fashion types. Beyonce has launched her Ivy Park collection, which is a joint venture with Sir Philip Green and is not a typical celeb clothing collabo. The range is full of active basics like leggings, bras, and tees over which the Beyhive and fashionistas are going nuts. The Ivy Park collection, which is being sold via Topshop outposts and via the brand's website, landed the morning of April 14. Given all the hype and mania leading up to the on-sale, is the Ivy Park collection already sold out online at the Topshop site? Or is the supply healthy and still shoppable? Here's the verdict.

Beyonce's Ivy Park collection is not totally sold out as of press time. There are plenty of pieces in a variety of sizes that are still available for purchase at Topshop's site. However, there are several sizes for several items of clothing that are no longer available. So we can assume that super fast shoppers have already snatched them up and those are sold out.

If you want to add some Ivy Park basics to your closet, don't delay. Stop wasting time. You need to shop while you still can, as pieces are going fast. You want to make sure that if they make an item in your size, it's still available.

Sleeveless Logo Bodysuit, $50, Ivy Park

The logo-bearing bodysuit is only available in a few sizes. Hurry!

Logo Hoodie, $52, Ivy Park

Some sizes of this oversized hoodie are no longer available.

Logo Crew Neck Tee, $26, Ivy Park

Go and see what's still available for this tee.

"Y" High-Rise Ankle Leggings, $75, Ivy Park

This pair of leggings is still available in the sizes ranging from XS to XL.

Drop Armhole Tank, $28, Ivy Park

This long and lean tank is shoppable in XS through L sizes.

You get the point, right? I could do this all day, but that would be inefficient. Stock can and will change. The collection is not totally sold out online at that the Topshop site as of right now. Some sizes of select pieces are no longer shoppable.

Your only takeaway here is don't delay! That way, you won't have to sift through the ether regarding restocks, replenishments, or unofficial third party sellers that might price gouge.

Go ahead and get your Ivy Park on.

Images: Courtesy Ivy Park (5)