Spanx must be running out of ideas. The shapewear company has released the Trust Your Thinstincts Booty Bra. It's a bra. For your backside. Just what you needed, right?

Let's ignore the offensive portmanteau in the product name ('thinstincts'? Really?) and focus on the booty bra itself. According to Refinery29:

This undergarment promises to provide the tummy- and hip-smoothing power of normal Spanx — while using a non-compressing fabric in back, so your butt still looks its fullest. In other words, it'll flatten your stomach, without smushing your tush.

If you put it that way it doesn't sound all that ridiculous, just a tad bit unnecessary. I'm not the biggest fan of Spanx, or shapewear in general, but I suppose I could see how someone who likes them might find a non-butt-compressing pair worthwhile. However, someone needs to give the copywriter in charge of this project a stern talking to. 'Booty Bra' is downright laughable.

Further inspection of the product description led me to the claim that the Booty Bra will keep "your posterior perky and separated — you won’t believe these buns are real!" The way that companies market to women would be hilarious if it weren't so sad.

While I'm not convinced that the Booty Bra will become a lingerie drawer staple, there might an audience for it out there. Maybe among the women who laugh alone with their salad and find yogurt to be a compelling substitute to a meal companion.

Image: Getty Images