Watch Men Talk About Their Sexual Fantasies — VIDEO

Everyone has a fantasy. Whether it's something that you've acted upon is another thing— you may not even know what your sexual fantasy is— but it's there somewhere. And it's nothing to be ashamed of, it's totally normal to have fantasies. In fact, no matter how weird or niche you feel like your fantasy is, it's almost certainly something shared with millions of people across the world.

There are lot of very common sexual fantasies: group sex, public sex, school girls, cheating— there's really something for everyone. But, beyond your partner (and maybe some friends who are willing to share everything), you probably don't hear about what other people's fantasies are. In fact, you and your partner maybe haven't even talked about it, although I would totally recommend you do. It can make sex amazing. But how often do you hear random people talk about their fantasies? It's like a little window into the mind of a stranger.

And that's exactly what Cosmopolitan did. They went to the street and spoke to six men on the street about their sexual fantasies, and some of the responses were what you'd expect. Others... others were a bit more confusing. Seriously, check it out. You can watch the whole video here:

Here are the highlights:

1. The Saddest Boy In The World

This man is way too resigned to his fate. With a sigh and smile he says "A threesome, but that's not gonna happen." Why?! Why is that never going to happen? Follow your heart and you can achieve anything. Have you even read "Oh,The Places You'll Go"?

2. Four Is Not A Enough

Another classic fantasy, this guy says that his big dream is "Me and like, three other girls dressed as school girls." But why three?!

3. The Show Off

"I'm a fan of exhibitionist stuff" — says the man walking around in heart shaped sunglasses talking to a camera crew about his sex life. No surprise there.

4. Teacher's Pet

This guy is also on the school theme, saying "I always had in mind like a student and a teacher." But it's worth watching the video to hear him say this in the most polite way possible.

5. WTF?

So this guy seems to misunderstand. He just says "I'm not afraid to ask" in a way that sort of makes him sound like a sexual god.

6. Really, Dude?

I have no idea what this guy is talking about. He says, "Play with my balls, suck the tip," to which I say: DREAM BIGGER MY FRIEND. DREAM YOUR DREAM OF LIFE. Sucking the tip is just... well, just the tip of the iceberg. You can do better.

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