You Might Want To Start Saving For RiRi's Sandals

When news broke that Rihanna was to release yet another shoe collaboration with Puma, fans understandably went wild. But now that the frenzy and heart-clutching has settled, there's a new question to be asked other than "when can I get them?" It's, "How much do Rihanna's fur slides cost?"

Rihanna's new Fur Slide by Fenty, available on Apr. 22, is a fur-topped sandal featuring one thick strap and the Puma logo emblazoned across it, giving your summer wardrobe a cool urban kick with an unexpected texture. I can only imagine all the interesting combinations one could make with a statement piece like this. It has the vibe of regular slip-on pool sandals, but is glammed-up with its furry detailing. Not only would the style look amazing with those summer short shorts and crop tops you might be rocking, but it would look super Rihanna-esque and clash-y paired with your fancier items, like dresses and suits. Just looking at the product ads for the shoe, I already want to wear the sandals with white gym socks and sheer dresses. Not only RiRi can pull off such an eclectic ensemble, right?

So now the question is: How much will such a bold styling piece like this one cost a person? While it might just be a sandal (and a welcome update to the flip flop that's usually be your go-to once the weather starts heating up), these kicks will still cost you something of a pretty penny.

According to Vibe, "As of now, the social media streets are buzzing that the slippers will cost you about $80." With a price tag like that, we'll be forced to choose between getting the black pair or the cotton candy pink pair — a pretty difficult toss-up. We'll also be forced to start saving immidiately. As Cosmopolitan reported, the sandals will hit on Apr. 22 at 10 a.m., so there's still a chance to add up all our loose change.

My advice? Just make sure to log on at that hour so they don't sell out before you get the chance to decide with which color to go with.