Ariel Winter's New Tattoo Is All About Family

This is only Modern Family star Ariel Winter's second tattoo — and the first that she's fully revealed on Instagram — but it's one of the most touching celebrity ink jobs I've come across yet. Featuring the initials of her nieces and nephew — all of whom appear on Winter's Instagram often — the actor is making a permanent point about her love for family.

Positioned one after the other vertically on Winter's ribcage, the black and white image shared shows the tattoo while Winter is lying down. Listing, in order, D.P.W., S.A.G., P.E.G., D.E.W., and A.R.G., the idea and lettering style are stunningly simple and effective. Just in case you were wondering, the 18-year-old's nieces and nephew's names are Dakota Patrice Workman, Skylar Athena Gray, Parker Eleni Gray, Demetra Eleni Workman, and Asher Ruben Gray.

It was only recently that Winter gave us a sneak peek of her first tattoo, following an Instagram shot of her getting the ink. But she has kept those images distant, as opposed to the close-up of her latest piece.

Getting a tattoo as soon as you hit 18 is becoming a fast trend for celebrity youth culture. From Paris Jackson's touching Michael Jackson tribute to Kylie Jenner's all-red tattoo trend, tats are one of the few things that Americans can get when they turn this pivotal age. (Compared to my homeland, the UK, anyway.) And why not? It's a legitimate art form, it lasts, and your ink can be totally meaningful. As is the case for Winter's big tattoo reveal honoring the "most important beings in [her] life."

After the three week wait to find out the location, details, and meanings of the Modern Family actor's other ink, I doubt we'll be learning more anytime soon. Unless the star was simply waiting for her new tattoos to heal, which although subjective, usually takes between two and four weeks.

From what I can make out, her other tat seems to be a line of script running across Winter's hip and across the top of her thigh. It's way too small to decipher exactly what the tattoo reads. But if her new one is anything to go by, I'm sure it's super sweet, equipped with a truly touching message.

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