Why Are All Of Kylie Jenner's Tattoos Red?

The color red symbolizes a lot of things. Red is the color of fire, blood, passion, and love, among other things. Kylie Jenner got a new tattoo and the latest inking lives on the fleshy part of her inner arm. I'm not quite sure what it is — hit me with your best guess— but it shares a common element with all of her other tattoos. This new tattoo is all red and it's super delicate. Jenner also has a red heart on the back of her arm and the phonetic spelling of "Sanity" in red etched on her hip.

In the Snapchat video during which she got the tattoo, it looked like she was getting inked on her wrist. But in her Insta pic, it's up higher, which could mean more tattoos than we thought. I need a Dry Erase board to keep up with the ink happs in Jenner's life. That said, I am intrigued by her return to the color red for this tattoo. In the past, I speculated on the reasons she went with red for her "Sanity" tattoo.

All of those reasons still stand up and apply here. Red is a strong color and it pops against the skin. Most tattoos are outlined in black so all-red tattoos seem rare and go against the grain. Like Jenner herself.

It's also the color of her new Mary Jo Lip Kit, which, judging by social media reactions, has quickly attained "beloved" status among her fans and makeupistas since its release a week ago.

However, there are two reasons I think all of her tattoos are red. The first is continuity. All her tattoos of the same look and color so it's like having coordinated accessories.

The second reason? Commitment. Yes, Jenner changes up her hair and her makeup a lot. But even when she changes lengths or colors, she does have her signatures. Her swaps are very "Kylie-esque." But they are also temporary. She doesn't have to commit to the changes.

A tattoo is a permanent commitment... for the most part, since there are creams and laser treatments, which Jenner can easily afford. That said, her tattoos have a connective tissue via color and it is one way she can commit to something. The color red allows for symmetry. And it looks good on her.

Perhaps it's a way of achievement calm in a life full of chaos, and, well, insanity.

Image: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (3)