When Is Mother's Day 2016? 5 Things You Can Do To Prepare Now

Mother's Day is one of those holidays that falls on a different calendar date every year, making it slightly more challenging to know when to have your waffles ready. So, when is Mother's Day 2016? The easy way to remember is that it's the second Sunday in May. That means, this year, Mom's special day falls on May 8.

There are steps that you can take to get ahead of the curve to throw a successful Mother's Day. Because even though your mom tells you it's the thought that counts, results are way more impressive, and, coincidentally demonstrate loads of thought. First of all, if you're doing the cooking, which I recommend, since it adds a great personal touch, you'll want to plan a balanced Mother's Day menu with cocktails, ready-to-eat finger foods, something that you can set and forget like quiche or simple pastries, and a main course that demands most of your attention during the cooking process.

But it's not just about the food. There are a few other things you can do to prepare for hosting the most exciting Mother's Day since your mom's very first. So, get your list-making apps ready, because we're about to get super prepared.

1. Remind your brothers and sisters to save the date

I'm betting your little sibling hasn't added this to his or her calendar just yet, but what are oldest siblings for if not to remind the younger ones about special occasions!?

2. If you're ordering something handmade, do it now

Handmade gifts like the ones you find on Etsy take time to produce and ship, since your gift will likely be made to order. Get a head start by ordering your present now instead of waiting until expensive last-minute shipping is your only option.

Ceramic Mug, Frankly Noted/Etsy, $13

3. Research your menu

Decide which meal you want to make and start to research. Make a Mexican brunch with Machaca and eggs, or a salad breakfast spread with watermelon and feta salad or a salad made with eggs, bacon, and French toast croutons like the one above from A Spicy Perspective. Save the actual shopping for one or two days before Mother's Day.

4. Buy living flowers a couple of days early

If you're planning on showing up with living flowers (the kind that are potted in soil and continue to grow after you purchase them), buy them a couple of days early and let them bloom before bringing them to your mom. They'll make a beautiful centerpiece when you all sit down together at the table.

5. Make a cooking game plan

So, this one is really helpful because it will allow you time to make each dish so that everything is ready and hot at approximately the same time. This game plan can include which other family members you will delegate tasks to when they inevitably ask what they can do to pitch in.

Images: Frankly Noted/Etsy; Giphy (2); A Spicy Perspective; Pexels