Hillary Clinton’s Pre-Debate Instagram Photo Proves She’s In The New York Mindset

Right before taking on Bernie Sanders in the last Democratic debate Thursday night, Hillary Clinton posted an Instagram photo that screamed "New York." Because both Democrats have strong ties to New York City, they're in a heated race to win the state's presidential primary Tuesday, and Clinton is doing everything she can to prove she's a New Yorker. Her throwback Thursday photo was the epitome of a cool New Yorker, and signified that she fits right in on the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

An old photo of the former secretary of state (presumably from the '90s) shows Clinton with a sweater tied around her shoulders, black sunglasses hiding her eyes, and leaning against a wall as if she doesn't have a care in the world. The caption read: "'I've been called many things by many people. 'Quitter' is not one of them.' #TBT." As a high-profile presidential candidate, Clinton obviously can't casually roam the streets of New York, but the photo portrayed that she's always been calm, collected, and cool as a cucumber. While the caption didn't mention anything about New York, the posts' timing and the overall aesthetic of the picture were clearly aimed at city.

Having spent time away from New York working in Washington, D.C. and traveling on the campaign trail, Clinton was excited to return, expressing her delight about the debate's location throughout the event Thursday night. "I love being in Brooklyn — this is great," she said before responding to Sanders' statement about breaking up big banks.

Unfortunately she didn't flaunt similar fashion choices at the debate, opting to leave her shades at home and replacing the relaxed sweater with a structured white jacket and pearls — much more D.C. chic than Brooklyn cool. Nevertheless, the post highlighted that she had New York on her mind.