How Much Does Hayley Williams' Good Dye Young Hair Line Cost? It's Super Affordable

If you've been dreaming of dying your hair a bright color, it may just be your lucky day, because Hayley Williams' hair dye line, Good Dye Young, is officially available for pre-order tomorrow, April 15. If you want to get the dye, head to the website,, on Friday. But you're probably wondering, how much does Good Dye Young cost? Well, you're in luck, because the Paramore singer's hair dye line is super affordable.

Williams' first release of dyes includes five shades, and they're all available for $13.99 per bottle. Not a bad price at all, considering you'd pay much more to dye your hair one of these fun colors in a salon. And, DIY-ing the dye at home is a fun activity for a Saturday afternoon that won't break the bank. The five shades are super fun and bright, and they have great names too. Rock Lobster is red, Blue Ruin is (obviously) blue, Ex-Girl is pink, Steal my Sunshine is yellow and Riot! is orange. Because the dyes are so affordable, you can definitely afford to buy a fun shades, which is way more fun in my opinion. Why dye your hair one bright color when you can dye it two?

Looks like the Ex-Girl/Steal My Sunshine combo is a favorite with Williams (according to the brand's Instagram).

How great does the yellow shade look on Williams? Imagine how adorable it would be combined with the bright pink. The company will also sell lightening bleach, but it hasn't announced how much that will cost yet (I imagine it'll be in the same price range though).

Considering Williams' hair dye is both vegan and cruelty-free, that price point is actually a great deal. You can pick up all five bottles of the dye for less than $100. Pretty amazing, right? Set an alarm, because you won't want to miss out on this release.

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